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ended a three-year-old credit card partnership with TD Bank. (TD) – Get Report.

Last week, Ally Bank announced that they’re planning to buy CardWorks, the parent company of Merrick.

by pursuing a credit card business built around the customers who pay their credit.

Merrick Bank Unsecured Credit Card ReviewAlly to pay $2.6B for unsecured lender CardWorks – a subprime credit card and consumer finance lender based in Woodbury, N.Y. The $181 billion-asset Ally said in a press release Tuesday that it will pay $2.65 billion in cash and stock for the $4.6.

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Ally’s Bet on Subprime Consumers Mints a Credit Card Billionaire – Having Discipline U.S. credit.

Merrick Bank, a CardWorks subsidiary, charges annual percentage rates of as much as 31.95%, compared with the 14.87% national average. The cards also can carry.